Oct 8, 2021

by Malek Moubasher, Forest Donovan & Joshua Kang on Oct 8, 2021

Micro Muni Bonds is a social and economic development program that can help cities and municipalities fund their impact projects and at the same time bring open the floor to their community to participate in an investment opportunity to achieve a better financial inclusion

What Makes Micro Bonds Unique?

What makes Micro Municipal Bonds Unique?

It is our mission statement, which is to create resilient cities and communities by enabling residents to participate in an alternative public financing platform which generates capital for local projects. Our innovative online mobile and web platform brings cities together to solve their greatest challenges, no matter how big, or how small. The only requisite is that it's for the greater good of the community. By using our platform, residents become empowered and fully capable of participating in the financing and decision making process for development within their own communities, directly contributing to improvements in infrastructure and socioeconomic wellbeing. It can be as simple as wanting to fund the development of a local park, or as complex as funding projects that support renewable energy, or creating more affordable housing . Agora Neos provides the alternative funding necessary for cities to generate the capital needed to tackle the projects which have historically been underfunded.

Another unique aspect of our platform is the level of inclusivity it provides, and overall ease of its usability. Any resident and community member will have access to our platform, allowing them to invest in projects through purchasing their city’s Micro Municipal Bonds! This means anyone can be involved in the funding of projects which improve the socioeconomic and or environmental conditions of their respective neighborhoods. You no longer have to be a high ranking public official, financial guru, or world renowned scientist to enact positive change in your community. Our technology effectively removes the barriers which have previously been holding communities back from progress, and provides the structure communities desperately need to finance underfunded projects and issue areas in their communities. To do this we have implemented blockchain technology to provide users with an innovative, interactive, and easy to use trading platform by which residents can manage their investments and projects, helping to plan the future of their communities.

What really sets us apart is that we’re not just about financial growth. Agora Neos cares about making a positive social impact as well, which is embedded in the core values of our company. Of course our platform allows users to buy, sell, and trade micro muni bonds, and we ensure your investments will be profitable, but that's not our main goal. We are here to strengthen the resilience of communities, to push their boundaries, and increase the quality of life for their residents. In summary, our uniqueness is derived from our passion to enact change, and deliver a service reshaping the way our society is able to finance progress.

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