Making Big Breakthroughs with Micro-Bonds

Agora Néos’ Micro Bond Issuance Platform closes the gap between citizens and municipal project funding with total connection & fluidity.

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How will Micro Muni Bonds enrich your city?

Agora Néos, Inc. supplies cities with a platform for citizens to purchase, sell, and trade incremented municipal bonds or Micro Muni Bonds. These innovative new bonds emphasize community investment through direct mutual benefit.

Through a custom portal suited to your municipality’s specific need, citizens not only achieve community funding through the purchase of these bonds - they also may turn a profit and engage in secondary market trading.

Our team utilizes the latest in Blockchain Technologies to craft a transparent, secure, and safe online trading tool customized to your own public project or venture. This completely transforms the future of underwriting.

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Why Agora Néos

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Our flexible Blockchain Technology delivers a Web/App-based trading tool, customized to meet your municipality’s specific need.

User Profitability

The public is incentivized to enrich their community through a Micro Bond Platform that allows for Secondary Market Trading with their pocket change alone.


We facilitate public projects with unique digital environments centered around involvement in something greater than the individual.


Our first and only goal is serving both the greater public and encouraging citizens to invest in their communities.

How does it work?


Identify a project in your municipality of significant social and economic impact. A Micro Bond Program identifying essential investment details and eligibility requirements is then announced through a platform built just for your municipal project.


Pre-sale promotion is launched through a our Micro Bond Platform where citizens may express early interest. Whitelisted participants then purchase eligible bond values in the project’s own Micro Bond Sale.


After participating, users receive regular updates on payments or principal dues. Bond-owners may then purchase and sell these bonds, engaging in Secondary Market trading through a custom platform built for their municipal investment.

Connect with us.

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