Bond with Us

Discover a smart new way to invest your money while funding projects in your community that you care about.

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What are Municipal Bonds?

When you buy a Municipal Bond, or Muni Bond, you are lending money to your town, district, or city. This bond is sort of like an I.O.U. that can collect interest and even be traded in a secondary market.

What does Agora Néos do?

We break these bonds up and enable them to be purchased as Micro Muni Bonds for as low as $5 through a Web/App-based tool customized just for your municipality.

OK, so where do I fit in?

Every step of the way. But mostly, you’ll be interacting with us through the platform built for your municipality to buy and sell Micro Muni Bonds once whitelisted. Check to see if your Municipality is participating on our map via the button below.