Nov 25, 2021

by Malek Moubasher on Nov 25, 2021

Micro Municipal Bonds are built on the same technology that can produce cryptocurrency, but how are they different?

Micro Bonds on Blockchain and Crypto

Historically there has been a seemingly endless list of barriers preventing everyday investors from accessing the variety of investments traditionally made only available to accredited investors. In the digital age, online exchanges have broken these barriers, providing millions access to investing, but have done so during times of unprecedented market illiquidity, misinformation, and unregulated infrastructures. This has been especially true in crypto exchanges, where investors have seen entire portfolios disappear overnight.

Micro Bonds build on the narrative of community engagement and financial inclusion, setting realistic expectations for investors being exposed to a new asset class. Micro Bonds are a stable investment without the volatility experienced with crypto, as they are backed by municipalities, who have a very low default. Additionally they are investments sheltered from the federal, state, and capital gains taxes (this varies city to city). Even the interest paid on micro bonds could be exempt from federal taxes, and sometimes state and local taxes!

Furthermore, Micro Bonds do not come with the many hidden fees associated with many crypto currencies and the exchanges that support them. Most crypto exchanges operate on using a "maker-taker model," and typically charge between 0.04-0.60% fee, significantly higher than traditional exchanges. There are also order fees, the fixed variable fees on purchases made with credit cards, usually between 0.01%-0.04%. Finally, if you are ever interested in transferring to another wallet, or cashing out your profits, there will be further exchange fees! Micro Bonds are an investment class which avoid the headaches of hidden fees.

In summary, Micro Bonds are one of the safest digital assets by which municipalities can use to engage with their community members. Projects such as Miami coin, which have had tremendous success, expose vulnerable investors to extreme volatility and the possibility of taxation and other hidden fees. Micro Bonds are secure and profitable, allowing for incremental payments to be made from the municipality to investors, and ensure the original investment is repaid in full. Micro Bonds are a multidimensional investment strategy helping municipalities foster financial inclusion, engage with their communities, and fund local impact projects that have historically been ignored.

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