About Agora Néos

Our Story

We strive to use new technology to redefine what it means to be part of a community. We help cities thrive by enabling passionate, connected citizens to contribute to positive change. By working together, the small goals we accomplish individually result in a large collective impact. We aim to use technology supported micro-investments to fund the revitalization of infrastructure, bring people together, and foster more collaborative relationships between cities and their residents.

Our Mission

At Agora Néos, Inc., we believe that cities will become more resilient by enabling residents to participate in public financing for local projects. We believe in the potential of innovation and technology to help humankind solve their greatest challenges. We believe in a connected world that starts locally with connected communities.

Our Partners

Agora Néos also believes that multi-lateral collaboration and pan-industries’ joint action is what brings the optimum change and helps communities and businesses alike embrace our next levels of best practices. Therefore, we have assembled here a group of trusted and capable firms who share the same passion for evolving public finance to meet the aspirations of the next generation.

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